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Full solutions for each question:

  • Detailed step-by-step computations.
  • When applicable, calculator and manual computational solutions demonstrated.
  • Complete cash flow tables provided when applicable.

Flexible learning:

  • Focus on very specific scenarios and repetitively attempt unique question variations until it is mastered, or attempt quizzes composed of multiple scenarios.
  • Student can choose quizzes consisting of 2 to 250 questions.
  • Quiz lengths can be adjusted on the fly.

Two modes of learning:

  • Practice mode: provides immediate feedback.
  • Exam mode: simulates an exam.

Results tracking feature::

  • Keeps a history of all past results.
  • Student's time to complete each question can be compared against target time.
  • The review screen at end of each quiz allows students to review all questions in depth.
  • Last 3 results are conveniently displayed in main window for each scenario.